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Fastnet Mobile GSM SIM is a 3-in-1 SIM card that includes mini (2FF), micro (3FF), and nano (4FF) sizes to fit in your cellular phone. Different sized SIMs can be punched out by finger.

To activate the SIM/Mobile Plan, follow these steps:

  • Go to Account.
  • Sign up to Fastnet Mobile and add your address
  • Come back to Activate Your SIM page and fill out the Service Activation Form and submit.
  • Your SIM will be activated in 2 to 4 hours.

If you just purchased the SIM Card, please purchase a Mobile Plan and then come back to Activate Your SIM Page to fill up the Service Activation Form and submit.

Fastnet Activation Team will email you with your new Fastnet mobile number.

Service Activation Form (For faster service)

Once the activation process is completed and you got your Fastnet Mobile Number. please follow the following steps:

  • Turn your cell phone off, Insert the new Fastnet GSM SIM and turn the phone on.
  • Follow the on-screen steps if there is any and your phone should start the Fastnet mobile service automatically.
  • If your phone does not activate automatically, please wait for some time e. g. 15 minutes, then reboot your phone.
  • Your phone should be working by now.
  • Start placing call, text messages and surfing the web with Fastnet Mobile.


Activation related Frequently asked Questions

What is the first thing to do before ACTIVATION.
You need to sign up in Fastnet Mobile with a valid billing address and an email address.

I have Fastnet SIM with me, how can I activate the service?
Please Fill up Service Activation Form with all required information. Once we receive the submission, service will be activated in 2 to 4 hours. If you only have the SIM card with no Cellular Plan, please purchase a Plan in and then fill up the Service Activation Form with fastnet order number. At check-out, you will see $2 charge for SIM card. It will be credited after activation since you already have the SIM card.

What is Mobile Number Portin?
Mobile number porin means to transfer the existing active mobile number from one cellular company to another.

What are the requirements to portin the number?
You need the Account number and PIN from the old company to successfully portin the mobile number to the new company, i.e., Fastnet Mobile.

How long will it take to complete the portin process?
If number portin is done during ACTIVATION, the portin process happens almost instantly. Sometimes it takes up to an hour. It is important to correctly provide the address and ZIP code for smooth and faster portin. If there is address and zip code discrepancy, portin process will delay until correct info is entered.

What is most important for number portin?
The cell number with old company should not be cancelled if you want to portin the number. Once portin process is completed, service with old company will automatically terminated and number will be active with Fastnet Mobile.

Can I do number portin after activation of my SIM with a new number?
Yes, you can. You need to submit a Support Ticket in Fastnet Mobile to Portin the number on newly activated cell number.

How can I keep track of my Data Usage
We have customer DASHBOARD to keep track of data usage and other activities. Please login to ACCOUNT and click Dashboard to see different features.

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