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Up to 40% Discount

$12/month - 1GB Voice and Data Plan
All Plan in AT&T 5G network with largest coverage

Smart Phone 1GB cellular plan
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Unlimited Plus

$45/month - Unlimited Data, Talk &Text
All Plan in AT&T 5G network.

Unlimited voice and data plan
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Create Wireless LAN anywhere

Want Mobile HotSpot in your pocket? Get Netgear WiFi device and add a Data Only Plan with Fastnet Mobile. You can share internet hotspot in your pocket across multiple devices.

Netgear Explorer2 WiFi Hotspot router
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Turn your Cell Phone into
Mobile HotSpot

All Fastnet Mobile Plans are good for Tethering, turn your mobile phone in WiFi and connect your laptop and other devices for internet browsing anywhere you go.

Laptop to Mobile HotSpot
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Does Coverage matter?
It absolutely does.

Fastnet Mobile in AT&T 5G network has the largest coverage nationwide. Coverage in cities, outside cities, in highways and remote areas. Better Coverage, Better Price.

at&t 5G network coverage
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Cellular Plans in 4G LTE 5G Network

If your phone is compatible with AT&T and T-Mobile network, it will work in Fastnet Mobile

4G LTE 5G mobiles phones are ideal for faster data speed.

If your phone is international version, please check first with customer service for its compatibility. Click contact us form and provide IMEI # of the phone. We will quickly respond your inquiry.

Smart Phones & web graphics

Looking for Mobile WiFi HotSpot Devices?, Click Here

Save up to 40% on all Cellular Plans

After that only $16/month for life.

No price increase guaranteed.

What is the difference between 4G LTE and 5G?

The difference between 4G LTE and 5G is lower latency, increased speed, massive number of connected devices, network throughput, and energy efficiency. Also, there are improvements to spectral efficiency, reliability, mobility, and security in 5G as compared to 4G LTE.

5G Technology is more capable

4G LTE stands for Long Term Evolution. This technology is only capable of using lower frequency bands. It operates up to 6GHz, whereas the radio frequency bands that 5G handle is anywhere between 30GHz and 300GHz.

It’s a big jump forward and it is changing the way we use our cellular or mobile devices. As 5G operates at such a high frequency bands, we’ll see huge speed boost and support for massive data transfers in the network. These radio frequencies will not be crowded with existing devices. 5G is a new technology which means it could free up bandwidth.

Mobile WiFi HotSpot

Did you know that you can turn your smartphone either  iPhone or Android phone into a WiFi hotspot? By turning this feature on, your phone uses its cellular or mobile data to create a WiFi hotspot. You can then connect a laptop or desktop computer or other wireless devices to this hotspot to access the internet. You can share your phone’s mobile hotspot with friends and family to browse the internet. It is as if you are using your home WiFi.

Built-in Wi-Fi hotspot provides connectivity for up to seven Wi-Fi-capable devices. Connected devices use data from your plan. Returning devices connect automatically and use plan data unless hotspot is removed from returning device settings.

Private WiFi hotspots, such as mobile and prepaid versions, are completely safe. When it comes to public hotspots, however, the security methods used to protect your data can vary widely.

It is always recommended that you not do browse the internet over a public WiFi hotspot that could compromise sensitive personal data, such as checking out on shopping sites, providing payment information, using banking apps, or accessing medical records. For other activities like web browsing, checking email, and using social media, though, public WiFi hotspots tend to be safe.


Unlimited Data

  • Unlimited Talk and Text to USA, Canada & Mexico.
  • Tree Text to 190 Countries.
  • No Roaming Charges in Canada and Mexico.
  • No Mobile HotSpot/Tethering
  • 22GB High Speed Premium Data at 4G LTE 5G Speed



Unlimited Data

  • Unlimited Talk and Text to USA, Canada & Mexico.
  • Free Text to 190 Countries.
  • No Roaming Charges in Canada and Mexico.
  • Yes, Mobile HotSpot/Tethering
  • 40GB High Speed Premium Data at 4G LTE 5G Speed


Cellular data transmission tower
Nationwide 5G Coverage

Fastnet Mobile, has you covered. Fastnet in at&t 5G nationwide coverage you will get the largest and most reliable GSM Networks. Stay connected any place, anywhere.

Mobile service plan savings
Affordable Plans

Get unlimited talk, text and 1GB data for $12 a month and 3GB data for $18 a month in 4G LTE 5G network. You can upgrade your plan at any time if data usage pattern changes

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