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  • Unlimited Data Plan at 4G LTE / 5G speed.
  • Unlimited Talk and Text in USA, Canada and Mexico
  • Free Unlimited International Calls to 80+ countries
  • Free International Calls to India, Bangladesh, China and Pakistan.
  • Free Text to 190 Countries.
  • No Roaming Charges in Canada and Mexico.
  • WiFi calling.
  • 12GB High Speed Premium Data per month, speed slows down to 2G after high-speed data is used up.
  • No Contract, month to month, Cancel anytime.
  • Buy 1 month or 3 month. No price increase for life guaranteed.
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Unlimited Mobile Plan Basic: 

Fastnet offers an Unlimited Mobile Plan that allows users to have internet access anywhere in the US at any time. The plan has no data limitations, providing freedom for personal and business use. Users can choose from three different unlimited data plans based on their needs. The plan also includes unlimited talk and text nationwide, as well as in Canada and Mexico. There are no roaming charges in the US, Canada, and Mexico, and the plan includes free international text and Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS).


Fastnet Mobile Plans are in AT&T 5G Network with largest Cellular Coverage for better signal and reception.
Unlimited Cellular and Mobile Data Coverage Nationwide
Largest Cellular Coverage in USA, Canada and Mexico


Fastnet Unlimited Mobile Plan Basic is $39/mon

Cellular Data Plan with no limit

Good for personal and business use.
Ideal Plan for Smart Phone: 5G and 4G GSM device.
WiFi Calling, a feature that allows you to make and receive phone call using wifi.
The Largest Cellular Coverage Nationwide; in cities, between cities, highways, remote areas.
No Service Contract, Cancel Anytime.

Voice and Mobile Data Plan
Fastnet Mobile for Fast and Reliable Cellular and Data Service Nationwide.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I know if my phone is 4G or 5G ?
Open the Settings application on your phone and tap on the Network and Internet option to display Mobile Network. Tap it to display a list of network technology under the ‘Preferred Network Type’.  If it supports 5G, it will show the list as 2G/3G/4G/5G.

Which data speed is better; 5G or LTE?
LTE (Long Term Evolution) is currently capable of handling up to 1 GBPS (Gigabits Per Second) and 5G technology is able to support up to 10 GBPS data speed. So, 5G is able to handle more data traffic and provide faster speed for web browsers.

What uses the most data on your mobile device?
Streaming HD video content is so far the biggest perpetrator when it comes to draining mobile data allowance. It is the combination of everything you do on your mobile phone which adds up to your overall data threshold.

Does a text message use data?
Text messages use your mobile data; but, the amount of data usage is significantly less than that of a voice call. With 2G data speed you would be able to send and receive text messages.

Does receiving pictures use data?
You need cellular data to send and receive Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS).  You do not need high speed data for MMS messaging. 2G slower data speed is good enough for this MMS. If you can’t receive pictures with mobile data on, try powering your phone off and on.

How many GB is normal per month?
On average, U.S. wireless customers use approximately 1.8 GB of cellular data every month.

Does mobile email use data?
Mobile emailing is considered data usage, therefore it will use up data from your monthly data package.


Largest 5G network :

Fastnet 5G coverage is aggressively growing. Cellular coverage is the largest in the country. Coverage extends in cities, between cities, in highways and remote rural areas. Cellular Data connection switches between 4G, 4G LTE and 5G depending on locations. It is important to note that 5G cellular device is needed to get 5G gigabit data speed.  It is recorded that cell signal exists in non-population and mountain areas with Fastnet Mobile Plans.

5G Cellular network with unlimited Talk Text and Data Plan
Fastnet Mobile in AT&T 5G Network with Largest Cellular Coverage


Starter Cellular Data Plan

Fastnet offers flexible Cellular Plan starting at $12/mon. Plan includes 1GB premium data at 4G LTE 5G speed and unlimited Talk and Text nationwide. Mobile hotspot/tethering also included in this economy plan. This 1GB plan is ideal for those who does not use data that much and only use occasionally while on the go. This plan also includes unlimited data at 2G speed after monthly premium data is consumed. Click here for details.

Fastnet Mobile Starter Data Plan
Fastnet Mobile Starter Data Plan starts at $15/month


Unlimited Talk and Text in U.S. Canada and Mexico

Free Talk and Text are included in all Fastnet Unlimited Mobile Plans and low data plans. If you travel outside of your home area you will not pay any roaming charges. Entire country including Canada and Mexico are your home area. If you travel to Canada or Mexico, you can make call and text anywhere within that country and make call back home in the USA. All Fastnet Mobile Plans get unlimited 2G data speed after high speed premium data (4G LTE, 5G) is used up. Most importantly, Fastnet has outstanding Cellular and Data coverage nationwide means you will get cell signal anywhere you go.

5G Mobile Plans with free Talk and Text
Unlimited Talk and Text in USA, Canada and Mexico.


 Unlimited Mobile Plan Features

Get premium wireless service on the nation’s largest 4G / 5G network for less than the price of  what big wireless companies charge.

Choose the monthly usage amount which is right for you. You can start with lower GB Plan (1GB, 3GB, 5GB Data Plans) and then upgrade to unlimited mobile plan as needed at any time as you go.

Your unlocked phone and current phone number are always welcome at Fastnet Mobile. 4G and 5G devices are ideal for best cellular experience and faster data speed. Check your phone’s IMEI for its compatibility.

There is never any contract or commitment. Start and continue service and cancel anytime with no obligation.




Get Unlimited Mobile Plan from Fastnet - Get Freedom in web browsing and Speed. Check Unlimited Mobile Plan product in Walmart for promo and discount.

Unlimited Mobile Plan


1 month, 3 months

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  1. M. Sultana

    Awesome service. Great price for Unlimited Data Plan and unlmited Talk and Text. Cellular signal is great. I get good data speed in my 4G phone.

  2. Samuel C.

    The service is amazing and very nice price!

  3. Ash

    The service is excellent. no hidden charge and most importantly, the cellular signal is very clear .

  4. MD Abul Kashem

    Service and Price excellent . Cellular signal is very clear

  5. Farzana Sharmin

    Excellent service also unlimited text and talks unlimited internet reasonable price . Cellular signal very clear .

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