What is the single most important thing in Cell Phone Service?

The answer is COVERAGE, not the price.

Fastnet in AT&T 5G Cellular network has it.

Get 5GB Cellular Phone Plan for $25/mon

If your phone is compatible with AT&T and T-Mobile network, you only need a SIM to connect.

4G and 5G GSM mobile phones;  iPhone or android are ideal for faster data speed.

If your phone is international version, please check first with customer service for its compatibility. Click contact us form and provide IMEI # of the phone. WE will quickly respond your inquiry.

5G Cellular Phone Plan

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Fastnet in 5G Cell Network

Save up to 40% on all Cellular Plans

After that only $29/month for life.

No price increase guaranteed.

Turn your cell phone into Mobile HotSpot and then connect your laptop or other wifi devices for browsing internet.

How Long Does 5GB Cellular Data Last?

When figuring out how much data do you need in a month period, it's important to look about your own usage requirements and patterns. If you choose a plan with too much data or unlimited plan, you could be overpaying for lots of data that you actually do not use. On the other hand, choosing a plan with too little data could mean being cut-off from the internet in the middle of the month. Smart Plan 5, the 5GB Voice and Data Plan in Fastnet Mobile is a good choice for you if you are a moderate internet user. If you can manage your data usage between cell phone data plan and home/office WiFi, then this cell plan is an excellent choice.

What is included in 5GB Data Plan?

• Unlimited Talk & Text in USA, Canada & Mexico • Free text to 190 countries • No roaming charges • Mobile HotSpot Tethering • WiFi Calling

Cellular data transmission tower
Nationwide 5G Coverage

All Fastnet Mobile Plans are in AT&T 5G network nationwide. AT&T has more signal tower, better reception and the best coverage. Network covers 99% U.S. population. Coverage in cities, outside cities, highways and remote areas.

Mobile service plan savings
5G Cellular Plan

Get 5GB Voice & Data Plan for $25/month and Unlimited Plan for $45/month. Do not always look for pretty cheap Plans. Look for better signal, better coverage. Fastnet Mobile has Better Price, Better Service and Customer Satisfaction.

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