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Free Calls to 80+ Countries

Free Calls to India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, China

  • 1GB Cellular Data Plan at 4G LTE/5G speed.
  • Unlimited Talk and Text Nationwide including Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands.
  • Unlimited Talk and Text to Canada and Mexico.
  • Free international Text to 190 countries.
  • No roaming charge in Canada and Mexico.
  • Mobile Hot Spot/tethering.
  • WiFi Calling
  • Unlimited data at 128 kbps after 1GB High Speed Data use
  • #1 cellular coverage nationwide
  • Plan on Sale: $18/mo for life
  • No Price Increase, Guaranteed. Cancel anytime.

1GB Cellular Data Plan gives 20 Hours of Web Browsing

Browsing the web is a very efficient way to use your mobile data. If your online activity consists of reading web pages or light tasks like checking emails, you can easily get around twenty hours of use time with 1GB Data which means 45 minutes of web surfing a day . It means, you have got more than enough data to check the news, stay updated with your online network, and more. But sites with more multimedia content and videos finish your data much quicker. If you are a YouTube fan,  video streaming is one of the most data-heavy activities you can do.

Cellular Plan, phone and laptop

1GB Cellular Data Plan Can Get You Up to 18 Hours of Music Streaming

Listening to music does not require streaming large files, so it’s really light on data usage. If all you want to do is streaming music from Apple Music, Spotify or Pandora, 1GB of data can last you up to 18 hours. For most people, that means more than enough time to listen to all of their favorite songs and podcasts.
1 GB Cell Plan is good for budget customer. If you can wisely use your data this plan will be money saving one. When you are home or office, use WiFi for internet and video streaming. Use your Data Plan when you are on the go.
Fastnet Mobile Voice and Data Plan gives outstanding cellular coverage nationwide in at&t 5G High Speed network. All Fastnet Mobile Plans are at&t cellular plan with reduced pricing with no compromise of quality.
With 1GB Cellular Data Plan for $15/month, you will get unlimited talk and text in USA, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands. Plan also has tethering mobile hot spot and wifi calling feature and free international text to 190 countries. Unlimited data at 2G speed after high speed plan data used up.

1 GB Cell Plan


Get the Bundle: Unlimited Talk and Text, Free text to 190 countries, Mobile HotSpot, WiFi Calling.

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