Data Only Plan

Enjoy Portable WLAN on the go

Browse the internet from Laptop or WiFi Devices.


Portable HotSpot in your pocket

Fastnet Mobile offers data-only plans you can use for any capable device. A data-only plan enables you to access the internet when there is no WiFi available. This can be great for commutes or traveling or even at-home use if you’ve decided to forgo WiFi


Dedicated Device or your phone

A Data Only Plan is for dedicated WiFi HotSpot Devices. A dedicated device creates HotSpot anywhere device is with you. You can share mobile data across multiple devices. Alternatively you can turn your cellular phone into Mobile HotSpot to share data with others while on the go.

Data Only Plan Device

All Device come with 1GB Data Plan for 30 days. Plan purchase required after that.

Select the plan that’s perfect for you. No Contract, cancel anytime. 

Data Only Plan

  • Mobile Wifi HotSpot Device required for this Plan.
  • Popular HotSpot Devices are Netgear Explorer-2, ZTE Velocity-2
  • Other Devices are Tablets, laptops, LaptopConnect/aircards, netbooks, wearables.
  • Data Plans are 1GB/3GB/5GB/10GB at 4G LTE/5G speed.
  • Plans are for Mobile Hotspot, No voice/text messaging.
  • No Hard Cut-off.
  • Overage $8/GB rate will apply.
  • Plan on Sale
  • No Contract, cancel anytime.
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