Prepaid Cellular Phone Plans

Prepaid Cellular and Data Service are typically the best options for most consumers. You only commit for the months of service you pay upfront. Or you can have your service month to month. You do not sign any contract for years and you can cancel the plan anytime you want with no penalty. Fastnet Mobile Cellular and Data Plans are ideal choice.

The Prepaid Cell phone cell phone plan providers typically run on Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T.

You get exact same nationwide cellular coverage and data speed, but in cheaper price. What’s the catch?

Prepaid plans tend to come with fewer perks like Disney or Netflix subscription you most likely don’t need. Besides, 3 major companies, the rest are MVNO cellular service provider under their network infra-structure. Prepaid service provided by MVNO company like Fastnet Mobile offer cheaper plans because of its less overhead cost. Fastnet uses AT&T infra-structure to provide exactly same quality service comparatively lesser price. With Fastnet Plan, consumers basically save money.

Cheaper cell phone plans directly from Fastnet Mobile.
If you want to buy cell phone service directly from Fastnet Mobile, try one of their prepaid plans to save over a single-line postpaid plan.

Best Prepaid Plans
Fastnet offers a set of prepaid plans with unlimited talk and text and varying levels of data. All Fastnet Mobile comes with the following features:

Unlimited Free International Calls in 80+ Countries.
Unlimited Free Call to India, Bangladesh, China, Pakistan and Bhutan
Unlimited Worldwide Free Text Messaging.
Discount coupons.

Smart Plan 5: 5GB High Speed Data Plan for $29 per month.
Unlimited Mobile Plan: 12GB High Speed Premium data for $39 per month.

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