Personal Data Only Plan


Mobile Plan for WiFi HotSpot Devices.
No Voice Call or Text messaging. Create WiFi in your pocket.
1GB/3GB/5GB/10GB Data Plan at 4G LTE/5G speed.
Connect tablets, laptops, LaptopConnect/aircards, netbooks, mobile hotspot devices, wearables.
Overage $8/GB rate will apply.
Plan on Sale
No Contract, cancel anytime.


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Data Only Plan
Data Only Plans are versatile plans that can be used across a range of smart devices. It can be used in tablets, wireless hotspots, laptops, phones, and more. Data only plans are sometimes called tablet plans, which are great for people who want the flexibility of using their data anyway they want. With Data Only Plan, you can create Wireless LAN anywhere you go and access the internet, connect multiple devices simultaneously.


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*Data Only Plan on sale, phone is for demonstration purpose only.
Data Only Plan

Month to month

Data Size

1 GB Data, 3GB Data, 5 GB Data, 10GB Data


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