Cellular & Mobile Plan | Talk and Text with 5G Data Plan


Pick any Mobile Data Plan:
1GB to Unlimited Plan.
Buy 3-month, Get 4th month FREE
  • All Plans includes Unlimited Talk and Text Nationwide.
  • Unlimited Talk and Text to Canada and Mexico.
  • Free Text to 190 Countries.
  • Mobile Hot Spot/Tethering.
  • WiFi calling.
  • After High-Speed Premium Data is used up, data will slow down to 2G speed.
  • Enjoy discount price for 3-month.
  • No Contract, Cancel anytime.
God Bless America

Mobile Plan | Talk & Text Plan with Data Plan:

Buy 3-month, Get 4th month FREE

All Fastnet Mobile Plans include Unlimited Talk and Text Nationwide and Canada and Mexico. Most importantly superior coverage for voice and data service across the country.

Mobile Data Plans with unlimited talk and text in 5G network
Mobile Plans with Unlimited Talk and Text

Stay Connected to What Matters Most

Keep your loved ones close with Free Unlimited Talk & Text plans.


Mobile Plan, Voice and Data Pan, Talk and Text Plan
Mobile Plan with unlimited talk and text nationwide with great cellular coverage

Fastnet Data Plan with unlimited Talk & Text starts at $18/month

What’s included with Fastnet Mobile Plan?

  • Unlimited Talk & Text in U.S., Canada and Mexico including Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Island
  • Data Plan starting 1GB to Unlimited of 3 different kinds to choose from.
  • Free Texting abroad in 190 countries.
  • Mobile HotSpot Tethering which enables to connect multiple wireless devices to browse internet.
  • Multimedia Messaging Service.
  • Reliable Speed: free 5G on the AT&T 5G Network with all plans


Cellular Data Plan at 4G LTE / 5G Speed. 

All Data Plans are good for personal and business use for low and high usage.
The Largest Cellular Coverage Nationwide; in cities, between cities, highways, remote and rural areas.
No Service Contract, Cancel Anytime.

Mobile Plans in nationwide 5G Cellular Network.


Frequently asked Questions

What is Fastnet Mobile Plans?

Fastnet Mobile offers a range of cell phone plans on AT&T Mobility mobile network, covering 99% of American households. Its 5G mobile coverage now covers more than 225 million people in 14,000 cities and towns across the U.S., while its 5G Plus is available in various parts of 13 cities. All plans come with unlimited minutes, text, and data although high-speed data is capped.

How to check compatibility with your phone’s IMEI.
Every phone has a unique number consists of 15 digits that tells you the make, model, and if it’s ready to use on Fastnet network. Most GSM phones are compatible. To do the IMEI status check: Dial *#06# to get your phone’s IMEI, or find it in your phone settings.

Fastnet Unlimited Talk and Text, what is it?

All data plans come with unlimited talk and text in U.S. Canada and Mexico with no roaming charge. You can go anywhere in the country and make calls to anywhere with no extra charge. Basically entire country is your cellular home coverage area.






Mobile Plan

1GB Voice and Data Plan, 3GB Voice and Data Plan, 5GB Voice and Data Plan, Unlimited Voice & Data Plan


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